Kevin Driscoll is a PhD candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC. (CV)


Popular computing

For the next year or so, I will be working on a dissertation titled, Hobbyist inter-networking and the popular internet imaginary: Forgotten histories of networked personal computing, 1977-1997. The elevator pitch is that it's about an alternative internet mythology focusing on hobbyist telecommunication from amateur radio repeaters to FidoNet BBSes. Henry Jenkins is the committee chair.

Related publications

Under review

  •   Driscoll, K. Professional work for nothing: Revisiting Bill Gates' "An Open Letter To Hobbyists.". (Available upon request.)

Political talk online

I'm also working on a number of projects related to political talk online with the Civic Paths research group and as a research assistant for François Bar and Kjerstin Thorson. Currently, we're looking at the use of humor by people live-tweeting the 2012 presidential debates using a combination of macro-scale computational methods (thematic clustering, natural language processing) and micro-scale textual analysis.

Related publications

  •   Driscoll, K. & Walker, S. (Forthcoming). Working within a black box: Transparency in the collection and production of big Twitter data.. International Journal of Communication. (Available upon request).
  •   Thorson, K., Driscoll, K., Ekdale, B., Edgerly, S., Thompson, L. G., Schrock, A., Swartz, L., Vraga, E. K., and Wells, C. (2013). YouTube, Twitter and the Occupy Movement: Connecting Content and Circulation Practices. Information, Communication & Society. doi:10.1080/1369118X.2012.756051. (PDF)
  •   Swartz, L. and Driscoll, K. (Forthcoming). "I hate your politics but I love your diamonds": The Web-based Interest-driven Messageboard as DIY Infrastructure. In M. Boler & M. Ratto (Eds.), DIY Citizenship, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (Available upon request.)

Polaroid by Mikael Kennedy

Photo credit: Mikael Kennedy, 2007

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